Magma Elementals are magical beings that are only found in the Demian Wastelands. They are usually found near the lava pools they were created in, wandering around until they see someone or something, after which they aggressively chase after. It seems that the only instinct that wild Magma Elementals posses is the extreme urge to protect the lava pool they crawled out of.

Elementals are usually created by magic-wielders to serve a single purpose designated to them by their creator. By nature they always obey. However, it seems that the wild magic that flows through the Wastelands has made it possible to create wild elementals, which do not posses any specific purpose. A single command seems to be assigned to them at random, most of them wander around, staying near the pool of lava they came out of, sometimes this purpose changes for unknown reasons and single Elementals have been witnessed chasing down other animals and lifeforms, sometimes killing them, sometimes trying to capture them and sometimes even trying to fornicate with them, in most cases with disastrous effects on their victims, due to their naturally given high body heat.

Appearance Edit

Magma Elementals are tall and heavy humanoid beings made out of pure lava and often pieces of rock acting as skin. They do not posses any legs and slither across the ground using their fluid body. They have two arms with human hands attached to them with which they can grab and punch, but lack the finely tuned motor skills to perform complex operations, like for example using scissors. Additionally, they have extremely high body heat, since they are mostly made out of literal lava and therefore most of the things they touch or come near die very quickly or melt.