Miual's heart banner make tribute to the Elven goddess' martyrdom.

Miual's Heart is a radical, anarcho-terrorist faction with a small but extremely vocal standing among the lower castes of Dark Elvish culture. The bulk of their support comes from the disenfranchised Labor caste, but also see sympathies from the Common caste, and often recruit serfs.

Miual's Heart is named after Miual the Uniter, the Elvish goddess that brought the previously-divided Elves together to rebel against their oppressors. Miual's Heart does not observe a traditional command structure, but many of its actors follow the suggestions of Caldreth.

The group id a very large organization composed of tens of thousands of members thanks to Caldreth's incredible leadership and charisma, she was able to gather hundreds of followers from all over the continent, who all supported her ideals and regularly assisted in healing the social divide of the country. While the majority of the members were second-class citizens, there were several first-class citizens that were for various reasons in opposition to the current government system that provided the group with financial backing. 

Its main purpose is to improve the general conditions of 2nd citizens within the country, bringing equality to all of Vael'Aser's population. In parallel to this, it helps bring support to those in need, providing education, relief and an orphanage for abandoned children, particularly those exploited by 1st class citizens. They will even bring justice to those who cannot defend themselves when necessary, as the Publice Defense is only made up of and only provides protection to 1st class citizens.

Miual's Heart believes in the equity of life, that all living things have an inalienable right to sovereignty. They consequently believe that the idea of government, of a group of people imposing their will onto others and, as such, dampening their sovereignty, to be antithetical to this natural state of the world. As such, they oppose the Crown, and work to actively bring down the state through both peaceful and violent means.

An interesting consequence of the ideology of Miual's Heart is that, where the purist Sisters of Vael'Yun seek to restrict Dark Elf sexual relations to only be with other Dark Elves, the Heart seeks to expand Dark Elf sexual relations to include the non-sapient kingdom of monsters, creatures, and beasts. A natural extension of their belief that all things have the right to do whatever they please, they hold that all things have the right to fuck whatever they please, as well.

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