The current queen of the Dark Elf empire Vael'Aser, after overthrowing the previous queen, Nualia. Her coup has divided the empire, with some believing she had stolen her way to throne through the use of dark magic.


The role of queen of Vael'Aser is a divine station, and as such, cannot be overthrown in any classical sense. Ascension to the throne is handled by the Acolytes of the Watchers. When the Watchers deem that a new queen must take the throne, they speak to the Acolytes, who in turn host a public divination in front of the current queen (if not deceased) and the Aristocracy .

The replacement of a ruling queen is exceptionally rare - divination usually occurs almost immediately upon death of the current ruling queen. To have a divination occur relatively early in Nualia's reign, then, was noteworthy in itself. The fact the Watchers chose Mujeri, a lesser aristocrat, was almost unprecedented, but the Watchers' rule is law.

Mujeri's first act as ruling queen was to level charges of treason, blasphemy, and undermining the state against Nualia. The charges were shocking, but there was enough dissension amongst the aristocracy to hold the motion, and so the motion was held and Nualia exiled from Vael'Aser.


Mujeri was a lesser Aristocrat, meaning that she has no formal training in the ways of leadership. As a result, she relies heavily on the aristocracy's advice in making most decisions. Such dependence is not unknown to the throne, but is generally not viewed favorably: it sends a message of weakness, of an insecure leader with low confidence in herself.

A series of radical policy changes have shaken confidence in her leadership, creating dissension among the Aristocracy and further fueling rumors that she gained the throne through illegitimate means.

Visions of the StormEdit

Away from public eyes and public ears, Mujeri is obsessed with a concept she refers to only as The Storm.

Mujeri possesses clairvoyance , obtained through a clandestine meeting with the Void Dragon. Through this ability, she is constantly plagued with visions of wanton destruction, wrought by an indistinguishable force. The annihilation she sees is absolute, leaving behind it a planet scorched and sundered, with not a single living thing surviving. The events themselves are frantic and emotional, leaving an unclear impression regarding details, but images of blue fire, purple lightning, and storm clouds black as pitch and covering the sky as far as the eye can see are the most prevalent to her.

She does not know what instigates the Storm, nor does she know when it occurs, but she is confident in one thing: if anyone were to stand a chance against it, then everyone must stand together.

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